Membership Applications

Download Membership Applications, OSRAA Code-of-Ethics, OSRAA Bylaws, and Oregon State Administrative Rules & Regulations

Referral Agency Membership Application

All current Referral and Placement Agencies operating in Oregon are encouraged to apply for OSRAA membership.

Yearly membership dues are $450 for agencies operating in Portland Metro Area.

Yearly membership dues are $300 for agencies operating outside the Portland Metro Area.

Business Partner Membership Application

Apply for membership if you are:

  • a company serving the senior population and do not provide referral services,
  • a company who doesn't meet eligibility but wants to collaborate with OSRAA,
  • you're a registered referral agent who hasn't yet met the membership requirements.

Yearly membership dues are $300 for Business Partners.

OSRAA Code-of-Ethics

Oregon Legislative Rules & Regulations for Referral Agencies - HB 2661